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Anti Static Wrist Strap Anti-Static Bracelet Elimination Bracelet Wristband NC


Intelligent Static Elimination: This electrostatic bracelet uses intelligent static elimination chips. Increase hand touch area, You can touch this button to eliminate the human body static electricity. When the red light is on, it indicates that the static electricity has been removed.

Reinforcement Design: Ergonomic watch design, say goodbye to static troubles. Strenuous exercise does not fall off, Suitable for outdoor activities such as Running, Riding, Climbing.

Automatic Electrostatic Remover: During the wearing process, it continuously senses and safely releases the static electricity of the human body, controls the static voltage of the human body within a safe range, avoids the sub-health caused by the electrostatic shock and static electricity generated by the human body, and reduces the safety hazards caused by the static electricity generated by the human body.

Perfect Gift: Beautiful design and health to your body, A great birthday gift, Christmas gift, Anniversary gift, Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift or Valentine's day gift.

Product Name: Anti Static Wrist Straps
Color: Black
Size: ring length of about 9.8inch
Material: Silicone
Weight: 38g
Application: Drive the door, go home to open the door, take off the sweater, electronic circuit.

Package Included:
1 x Elimination Bracelet


1. Free sample is available ?
Yes, we are happy to send free samples for quality evaluation. You would only need to pay the freight. 

2. How about MOQ?
Could be negotiable. 

3. How about the lead time? 
1)Within 15-20 days for regular packing.
2)Within 20-25 days for OEM production, Exact lead time upon the quantity of your order and the packaging you required. 

4. Can our private logo / label be printed on the packaging?
Yes. of course,Your own private logo/ label can be printed on the packaging upon your authorization, we do OEM service for many years.

5. How about your payment term?
By T/T. 30-50% deposit payment, the balance at the time of shipment. Paypal For small trial orders,samples; etc.

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